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Evolution appoints Head of Risk & Design Division

Kelly Haley

Evolution, has appointed Brendan McGarrity as Head of its Risk and Design Division to provide industry-leading security design and specification services to third-party integrators, installers and clients.

Launched in 2017, the Risk and Design Division is harnessing Evolution’s industry and technical knowledge, alongside its expert design skills, to provide clients with the most appropriate solution to meet their needs with systems that can deliver exactly what they set out to achieve.

Since its inception, the Risk and Design Division has been using its skilled team to help installers, clients and even other consultants. It has been proving that there is a new – and better – approach to designing and specifying a solution, one that relies on a true partnership with a business that can be fully accountable and responsible for designing the most appropriate systems for the client’s requirements.

Richard Lambert, Managing Director of Evolution, is pleased to welcome Brendan to the team: “Brendan brings his proven analytical and operational expertise as a highly experienced professional in all areas of security design and execution. He will be leading in the development of ISO-compliant solutions to mitigate risks, including business process design and policy definition. He will also play an important role in steering clients through the challenges raised by the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and in particular its impact on public space monitoring.”

Brendan spent 24 years as a bomb disposal officer for the Royal Air Force, and is therefore no stranger to high-risk environments. More recently he has been working in the private sector as a security consultant with Four Group.



“Having been in the security sector for some seven years, working with FTSE100 businesses to identify and mitigate risks, I know that there is a better way for designers and system integrators to work with the end user,” Brendan says.

“Businesses need systems that are appropriate for the task for which they are designed, and not ones that are over-engineered or developed such that they add unnecessary cost or complexity. I am excited about helping Evolution in a Division that allows the technical experts to come together with clients and third-parties to truly understand their needs and requirements, and create solutions that are genuinely best in class.”

The Risk and Design Division provides ‘traditional’ security consultancy services from original design through to commissioning, as well as providing all necessary documentation to support the tender process. It will make maximum use of the latest 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) techniques used in modern construction projects.

Evolution’s team of consultants are qualified to the very highest level, working with clients with different experiences of risk, from high-end government and critical infrastructure, to large commercial or industrial complexes. Within the team they have a developed knowledge of i-LIDS, CPNI, ATEX and a host of other guidelines, benchmarks and directives to work in the highest of high-security environments.